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We are a group of tree service guys that have a lot of experience serving San Marcos, Kyle, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and surrounding areas. We are very good at what we do and build our reputation through great communication with customers, deep knowledge & challenging tree removals that other companies walk away from.


We have all the specialized equipment to inspect the problem and fix it fast. When it comes to tree work you can count on us to get the job done.


Why take care of trees?

Trees not only add natural beauty to any environment but also improve the quality of air and water. Having well taken care of trees in your property will increase its value and appeal to visitors, customers, and future owners.

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Affordable tree services

from San Marcos's best.




These are our most requested services in San Marcos, Texas.

If you don't see the service you are looking for give us a call and we will figure it out.

Do you have a dying tree in your yard? If you have been wanting to take a tree down for a while now just give us a call we’ll take care of it. Efficient and safe, our methods of tree removal will impress you. We will take care not to damage nearby structures, our experienced staff is used to handle even the trickiest of trees.

Sometimes trees are in places that are hard to reach, we may have to use a combination of tree climbers, bucket trucks, cranes & other techniques to remove the tree. We will do everything in our power to get that problem solved for you.

Tree maintenance has to be done properly. Our professionals have the skills and the right tools to trim trees the right way. Tree cutting done right will allow them to recover quickly and maintain their shape while growing healthier than ever. Paying attention to seasons is key when maintaining trees, not all can be trimmed all year long. We can also trim fruit trees to increase yield and maintain the correct size. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you with any kind of project.

After the tree is removed, our San Marcos Tree Stump Grinding team will crush the stump into mulch that you can store for your garden, share with your neighbors or we can it haul for you. We have specialized professional-grade equipment for tree stump removal that will get the job done quickly & efficiently without making a mess. We always do our best to offer our customers the most affordable prices possible. Some of the reasons you want to remove stumps are that they can take up space in the yard, can pose a danger to children, make mowing the lawn difficult, and can cause critter and parasite infestation that can damage other trees. Once the stump is grounded, you can put some topsoil over it and let the grass grow easily over it.

Top 3 Reasons To Pick Us

Best Prices: We try to make our tree services as affordable as possible. We are aware of what the competition is charging and try to keep our pricer lower than everyone else. If you found a better price somewhere give us a call and we’ll try to match or beat it.

Insured: Safety is our number one concern, even though we never had to file any claims we are insured so our clients don’t have to worry if anything ever goes wrong during a job. Peace of mind is important to us.

Friendly Staff With Great Reputation: We take pride in our work and it shows. At least according to our customers who always tell us we are the most approachable and trustworthy group of guys they have talked to. We strive to provide a great experience to our customers and solve their tree problems taking into consideration their budget and time. We are always working to deserve the title of best tree service in San Marcos, Texas.

When you need emergency tree removal service in  San Marcos, TX and Hays County give us a call. With a lot of experience and expertise, we will quickly move to resolve any tree-related issues on your property. We understand the urgency required for these services, that is why it is important to contact a local provider who can get to you right away.


Our arborists can professionally evaluate the problem and the risks involved. We urge our clients to be careful while professional help has not arrived yet.

We help trees overcome bacteria and fungi regrowth by implementing pest and disease control. Our expert arborists are trained to deal with most kinds of common pests that afflict trees. Some fungi can be deadly to trees causing it to thin out, have burned leaves or completely succumb to the disease. Call us before it is too late to save the precious trees in your yard.

Avoiding San Marcos Wildfires

We know the San Marcos community’s well-being is linked to a healthy forest. So preventive action to avoid wildfires is important to us. Taking care of our vegetation in appropriate ways helps prevent disastrous events from happening. The loss of property and life during fires leaves a damaged community behind. Let’s work together to prevent and prepare to keep our city safe.

Residential and commercial tree service

Taking care of your trees is an investment. Because of their many benefits such as natural beauty and enhancement or air and water quality, trees are known to increase property value to about 15% more. It is easy to overlook tree maintenance, but not taking care of trees and have some bad consequences. We attend to both residences and commercial venues to help you focus on your business instead of taking care of trees.

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