Disease and Pest Control

Call us and our experts will get rid of pests and treat diseases like fungi growth on your trees.


Diseases can cause a lot of damage to your trees sometimes it even causes death. Some of the most common diseases are leaf rust, fire blight, and powdery mildew. There are many different problems that can cause trees to deteriorate and affect the appearance of your landscape. Our arborists can help identify issues early, diagnose, and come up with a treatment plan to help your trees be in top shape.


Each season brings its own set of threats. A healthy tree that has been properly maintained will have a better defense against fungi, bacteria, insect pests, and growth problems.


Look out for these danger signs:

  • Unusual growths

  • Holes in the bark or leaves

  • Oozing sap

  • Unusual leaf shape and color

  • A large number of insects

  • Dead branches

  • Lack of flowers and fruit


Give us a call if you notice any of the signs above. We would like to help you nip the problem in the bud!

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