Tree Stump Removal in San Marcos, TX

What is stump removal?

It’s a process where we dig around a tree stump cutting the root system and completely removing the tree stump from the ground. When developing an area, especially when building new structures, it is ideal to perform this procedure. Our business is very experienced when it comes to removing tree stumps from the ground. We have been working with this kind of service for decades. Tree stump removal can be very complicated and it involves a lot of different factors including wood type, soil conditions, and location. All that will impact the amount of labor needed to complete the work. 


Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can attract pests and parasites that could cause harm to other trees around it and can be very dangerous for kids and pets that run around the yard. We use specialized equipment to grind the stumps down producing fresh mulch that you can keep to decorate your yard or you can choose to have us take it away for you. 


Fair pricing

We guarantee that our prices will be the best out there but you can still get a free estimate if you call us today. Even if you think the job is too complicated and there will be too many factors involved I am certain that we can find a way to help you.

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